Fat Cat

there's a fat cat on the lawn
full of his own crotch
rolling on the scented airs
purring gently, who cares
who cares, who cares.

Pro Dancer

I am a professional dancer.
But that does not mean that when I go on holiday I do not dance.

I went up onto the dunes just after it had snowed.

Then I practiced my dance.
After a while there was a park ranger and a horse standing behind me on the path.

And no matter how hard he tried he could not get the horse to pass me.
My dance ended and I let them pass.

I turned back towards the road and as it became dark,
I whooped and holered at the trees.

The ranger returned, there was not much happening in the forest,
And I let them pass.


Turns out there're a few things you ought not to
publicly disparage.

Like the TSA,
or other people’s choices.

Turns out that
sometimes you think
you are alone
but you are not.

like when you’re talking to your dog
or riding the bus.