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Iain Maitland

Programmer in Detroit. Currently: Steemit

Photography for: National Geographic, Vice, ESPN, BBC, Detroit MetroTimes and Mother Jones.

Films at: NoBudge.com and Festival du cinéma de Brive.


belle isle dead swan detroit

Ant with a Dead Swan on Belle Isle.

painting detroit graffiti

Filer Head.

house forclosure detroit

Kid in a foreclosed house, 2016.

house forclosure detroit

Mother and daughter in a foreclosed house, 2016.

street night detroit

Hacked Street Crossing.

iain maitland painting detroit graffiti


detroit water shutoff closure stealing

A man takes water from a broken fire hydrant.

scrap scrapper metal detroit

Scrappers Cart.

painting detroit graffiti

McNichols Head 3.

painted house graffiti detroit

Painted House.


S, Leaning over the edge.

dog skulls detroit

All the dead dogs I have found in Detroit.

Frozen Dodge Ram Ice

Ram Grill.

Detroit fire

Lyman - next door on fire.

painting detroit graffiti

McNichols Head 2.

Pet Rook Norfolk

Pet Rook.

Detroit Dead dogs, Rottweiler.

Execute Cop Killers, Dead Rottweiler.

fire detroit renaissance center

A housefire in South West Detroit seen from the Renaissance Center.

painting detroit graffiti

Recycle Center Head.

shadow detroit

J on top of a building.

liquor store detroit

Liquor store pickles.

painting detroit graffiti

Naked Man.

National Theater Detroit Downtown

National Theater, Downtown Detroit.

scrapyard detroit

A scrap yard.

painting detroit graffiti

Woodward Head.

detroit house

Empty Houses.


A Sea Gull.

shaved head

After getting head shaved, Detroit.

painting detroit graffiti

Varney Head.


Horse at night.

pigeons inside

Pigeon Guano in a bathroom in an abandoned building.

chinese restauraunt

Old Chinese restaurant.

painting detroit graffiti


Lorcin 9mm Detroit

A Lorcin 9mm pistol found in the trash.

Raccoons Detroit.

Raccoons for sale. .

motel woodward trans

Ashley waiting for Johns outside the Fontaine Motel on Woodward.

motel woodward trans

Ashley with a John at the Motel on Woodward.

voguing detroit trans

Ashley in the street.

marijuana detroit

A marijuna plant found in a vacant lot.

painting detroit graffiti

Gorilla Pod.


Leaning over on a roof.

hamtramck detroit yeman yemani

Ice Box and a Yemani kid in Hamtramck.

abandoned school detroit

An abandoned school.

painting detroit graffiti

McNichols Head.


Kid in a hoodie and some graffiti.

Brewster projects detroit

Brewster Projects.

gratiot detroit breakdown

Run out of gas on Gratiot.